A review of the EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

If you want to bring a bit of nature and a lot of beauty into your home getting yourself a beautiful Ecosphere closed aquatic ecosystem would be the best choice. This is a small round hand blown glass sphere made by artisan glass blowers and it is filled with marine shrimp that are actually called Mysida and are pretty interesting little creatures as they can live in both marine cultures and freshwater cultures. There is also within the small ecosphere algae and micro-organisms. This small little glass wonderland is an amazing self-contained world and needs no outside contact or to be maintained which makes it a perfect addition to a child’s room or even at the office.

The only kind of outside manipulation that it needs is indirect sunlight so that they get enough oxygen and warmth. The temperature needs to stay between 60F and 80F to maintain the beautiful aquatic ecosystem that is within. You will never have to feed what’s inside the glass dome and you also will never have to change the water either. This is how everything works within the closed aquatic ecosystem. The shrimp consume the algae and the micro-organisms and then they break down the shrimps waste which will eventually produce more algae and the cycle starts all over again. You want to make sure that you are giving them enough sunlight because that is how the algae grow.

Now, you could make your very own enclosed aquatic ecosystem but it wouldn’t be as beautiful or as functional as this one. With this there is no mess and there is no fussing because everything is already done for you and it’s all enclosed and tidy which means that no matter where you want to keep it, it will be a beautiful addition to any place you might want to put it. Remember to keep it out of the direct sunlight though, the ballence within the ecosystem is very very delicate and if you raise the temperature too much it will kill off the shrimp inside or the micro-organisms which will in turn kill off the shrimp anyway because they have lost their food source. It really teaches how there is a fine line between flourishing and death. Allowing even children to watch the circle of life and have an appreciation of our beautiful planet on a small scale.

Aquatic ecosystems are one of the most understudied and understood places left on the planet and the more we become aware of it the more that others will become aware of everything from the devastating acid rain which falls and the oceans rising all these things destroying the delicate balance of our aquatic ecosystems which are all very important to the human survival. The EcoSphere can be a great conversation piece and actually informing people about the delicate balance of these places and educating people on what they can do to help maintain a healthy earth so that generations to come will be able to enjoy the same beauty that we’ve been free to enjoy.

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